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L'homme n'existe pas

Insanus Corpus Riduculus. A fool? A human being?? A man? What-the-fuck-means-masculinity? Clichés are celebrated and shredded. There is flying on the face and getting up again. Howling, dancing and jumping naked in the air (trigger warning: nudity). The longing for transformation and change, for breaking out of gender roles and one's own biography develops the undertow that drives the show. Balancing on the fine line of good taste, scraping along the border of circus and theater: physical, visually powerful and hilarious.

Spiel: Noah Egli, Valerio Rodelli Oeil extérieur: Newa Grawit, Michael Finger Technik: Elia Hüsler, David Grütter  Kostüm: Jessie Steiner



11-L'homme n'éxiste pas 018.jpg
51-L'homme n'éxiste pas 051_edited.jpg
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