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Musician is an ever-changing instrument, the ways to ride are many and as the musical possibilities that wait to be fixed on a pentagram or on an hard disk.

That's the concept of Valerio Rodelli's artistic job. Musician and composer, he began in the childhood the piano classical study and when he was 12 years old he discovered the accordion in the tradional world. With his artistic path, in combination with the discovery in music and theater, Valerio achieved a melting point with his instrument and his instruments potentiality: he worked for many years with theater companies as well as with musical groups, experimenting the accordion as a charming instrument capable to create unique and misterious atmosphere.

The study of the electronic sounds through the use of samplers, synthesizer and computer, extended Valerio's musical and creative possibility, allowing him to create a deep fusion of ancient and modern. The the accordion's warm and intense resonances began to merge with the cold and precise electronic sounds, giving birth to his actual musical experimentation field.

The past

Since 2001 Valerio play with Malicanti, a group born to study and play  the traditional music from Apulia and to bring the old traditional musicians on stage. The vitality and the amazing stories of characters like Andrea Sacco or Mike Maccarone feeds the artistic job of this group that played about 400 concerts all over the planet.

The traditional music from south Italy is also the main subject of Ariacorte, with whom Valerio played for 5 years touring all Italy and abroad.

In the year 2010 start the experimentation of the fusion between traditional music and electronic music with the band Nidi D'arac. With them he played at the Montreux jazz festival and at the Womad in London.

In 2012 he met Giulia Anania, songwriter and singer, with whom he found the band Bella, Gabriella a project dedicated to the unforgettable roman singer Gabriella Ferri. 

Since 2019 he works with the swiss company " Cirque de Loin".

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